How to buy Bitcoins anonymously, with no ID and no registration

One of Bitcoins’ strength is that it has always been considered as an anonymous payment method, in the sense that it is not possible to trace the identity of anyone who makes a purchase in BTC (although it is possible to trace the transaction history).

How to buy Bitcoins anonymously, with no ID and no registration

How to buy Bitcoins anonymously, no ID

In view of this, there are many people who want to buy Bitcoin anonymously without any registration, but how can you do it?

1. Purchase a ViaBuy prepaid card (100% anonymous)

The first step to purchase Bitcoins anonymously is to have a payment method that, in the same way, doesn’t let you be “tracked”.

A solution that can also be applied in Italy is to purchase a ViaBuy card, which can also be set up anonymously and represents the best compromise between purchasing BTC and anonymity.

A ViaBuy card can be opened without registration with your real name, the same for purchasing Bitcoins, which can be done by linking your online wallet to a specially created email address.

Once you have purchased the card, you can use it to make purchases on the best exchanges such as CoinbaseCoinMama or VirWoX.

2. Bitcoin ATMs

In some Italian cities, Bitcoin ATMs have been installed, which function similarly to classic ATMs.

Purchases of Bitcoins can be made by paying in cash (therefore 100% anonymously) and then inserting a hardware wallet (like the Ledger Nano S) to accredit the purchased BTCs.

Just visit for a complete list.

3. Buying Bitcoins in cash with LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins is a service that allows you to buy Bitcoins “in person”, paying for them in cash or through PostePay (but in this case anonymity is lost).

For each transaction, amounts are limited (minimum and/or maximum) and the distance from your geographical position is indicated.

In addition to buying, LocalBitcoins also allows you to sell Bitcoins.

4. Paysafe Card

The PaySafe Card is an anonymous prepaid card that can be bought from any tobacconist and as such allows you to buy Bitcoins without ever revealing your identity.

Exchanges where buying Bitcoins use anonymous payment methods

Some of the best exchanges where you can buy Bitcoins without an ID and usinganonymous payment methods are:

For a complete list, see our in-depth study on best Exchange sites to buy Bitcoins.

Buying Bitcoins without an ID or registration

Staying on the subject of anonymously purchasing BTCs, one of the current few possibilities is provided by LocalBitcoins by payment in cash, and not necessarily using your ID.


It is not possible buy Bitcoins and remain 100% anonymous in Italy, even considering the fact that purchases are made with a computer connected to the internet and that you can connect the transaction to the IP address of the person performing the operation.

Despite this, with the indications we have provided, you can take a few more steps towards anonymous transactions.

Obviously, purchasing Bitcoins anonymously must not be for illegal purposes.

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