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How to buy Bitcoins in 2017

Want to get your hands on some Bitcoins, but don’t know how to do it? Here’s everything you need to know about the process!

Open an account with Plus500
Open an account with Plus500

Would you like to get in on the whole Bitcoin deal? Many people believe that investing in and trading with this cryptocurrency is a really smart move to make if you want to earn some extra cash.

But while investing in it is pretty straightforward – the only thing you need to do is join one of the trading platforms and make your investment, most find the process of getting Bitcoins confusing.

In this post we are going to lead you through all the available options to earn Bitcoins so that you can finally start your venture into the world of cryptocurrencies. So, how you can get Bitcoins?

Earn Bitcoins by mining

Mining is a term used to refer to the process of obtaining Bitcoins without paying for them.

It’s a bit technical and might not suit your needs, but it’s the only one like that on the list.

All existing Bitcoins are a part of a network to which anyone can connect, regardless of their location.

In order to mine them, however, you’ll need to get your hands on both hardware and software that supports such actions. Once you have done that, you’ll only need to run the programs to supply the network with computing power. What you’ll get in return are, of course, Bitcoins.

Accept Bitcoins as payment

As far as the rest of the list is concerned, no special hardware or software is required in order to get your hands on some Bitcoins. The easiest way is to accept them as payment from someone who’s buying either products or service.

The trickiest part of this process will be to find a party that owns Bitcoins. But once you’ve succeeded, the only thing left to do will be to complete the transaction using a cryptocurrency instead of a regular one.

For this, you’ll need to create a unique address that will be linked directly to the Bitcoin network. This is done by registering for a so-called wallet on either the official Bitcoin site or one of the sites that provide this service.

Buy Bitcoins directly from other users

If you have a Bitcoin wallet with the unique address that comes with it, you’ll be able to receive payments and buy units yourself.

This means that it will be possible for you to arrange a transaction with someone who already owns Bitcoins.

Once you have arranged it, determine the number of units you would like to buy by checking the value of the cryptocurrency and making the necessary calculations.

After the transaction is completed, you should be able to see your Bitcoins in your wallet immediately.

Buy Bitcoins from an exchange

If you don’t want to spend time on finding someone who owns Bitcoins and is willing to sell them, you can always opt for one of the numerous platforms designed specifically with this purpose in mind.

In order to get to your units this way, you’ll need to register for an account and make a deposit. Once you have done that, you’ll be able to buy Bitcoins directly from the site itself.

How to keep Bitcoins safe?

Once you have your Bitcoins, you need to think how to keep them safe. Remember that this cryptocurrency can be lose and stolen as any other currency in the world.

The right solution to keep your valuables safe is to have a Bitcoin wallet, read our guide about what it is and how to have one.

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