Rollercoin Review

Rollercoin (official website) is a free simulation game, where by playing alone or with your friends you actually make some money.

Rollercoin review: What is Rollercoin?

Rollercoin review: What is Rollercoin?

Rollercoin (official website)  is based on cryptocurrency and you are getting paid in Bitcoin. Sounds amazing to be able to play some interesting games and earn Bitcoin, but this is exactly what this site offers.

All the excitement of mining and making money, without the boring details of the actual process are on this site. All you have to do is make a character and play the games.

You are able to upgrade the character, go on adventures, play against friends and watch as Satoshi rolls in. You can then withdraw the money or further invest in the game. Here is a little guide to Rollercoin (official website) and a few tips and hacks that can help you along the way.

2022 Rollercoin updates: Upgrade Miners

One of Rollercoin’s new 2022 features is the ability to upgrade your miners to mine even faster.

Starting with ‘basic’ miners you can purchase parts to upgrade them and increase their mining power.

Parts can be bought by spending RLT (Rollertoken) or by winning them for free by completing quick games.

Sign up on the official website to earn even faster.

How to make money online with Rollercoin?

Rollercoin (official website) is a game that is very easy to understand and play. You are mining for Bitcoin just like in real life and your earnings depend on your extraction power.

This power is increased by:

  • Playing mini-games on the site;
  • Buying miners to do the work for you;

Games are the most interesting way to increase your extraction power, but on the other hand, extraction power acquired this way lasts for only 24 hours, so it is a better strategy to invest in miners. This way you are earning money even if you are not playing the game yourself. You can do all of this on your phone, as Rollercoin (official website) has an app developed available for free download.

The game is free and very interesting, because of the pixelated look and feel. You start in an old office and computer, and as you progress in the game and earn money you are able to upgrade your character and environment.

You can also withdraw that money or even better use it to buy miners that will do the work for you. This way you can have a steady income.

Rollercoin official website >>

How to withdraw money from Rollercoin?

Withdrawing your money from Rollercoin (official website) is as simple as it gets. While playing the game you are earning Satoshi or the smallest unit of Bitcoin. Just like in real life that money goes to your wallet and from there on you can choose what to do with it.

If you want to withdraw it and send it to your Bitcoin wallet all you have to do is select the Wallet and enter a valid Bitcoin wallet address. After you enter the wanted amount and confirm, the transfer is done and no further actions are needed.

Is Rollercoin legit?

It is hard to believe that just by playing some simple games you can earn money, so you can often hear that Rollercoin (official website) is a scam from people who didn’t even try it. Experience tells us a different story because Rollercoin is a legit and fun way to earn money.

You can always see the exact amount of Satoshi you own and you can transfer it to your Bitcoin wallet without a problem. The only thing to be careful with is the use of bots, as they are not allowed and the detection system is improved daily. This ensures that real people having some quality time and fun spent on the game are the ones who are getting paid.

In just a few simple steps you can make an account and start your adventure in the world of mining and cryptocurrency, and the best thing is – it’s all free.

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