Get Bitcoins Free (and Satoshis too!): Faucet, Videos, Telegram
Get Bitcoins Free (and Satoshis too!): Faucet, Videos, Telegram

List of the best methods to earn free Bitcoins and satoshis: faucet, videos and much more.

Are you looking for some methods to obtain Bitcoins for free? Did you know that there are websites that let you earn Bitcoin and Satoshi without spending a penny?

Below we listed a series of websites to earn BTC for free, in which you should simply enter your Bitcoin address (if you do not own one yet, sign up for free at Coinbase and get a $10 bonus) and start performing simple tasks.

Copy Trading eToro

The exponential rise in bitcoin prices (Bitcoin forecasts) can make their purchase prohibitive. This does not mean giving up on the world of cryptocurrencies, on the contrary, you can still earn without investing even a penny.

There are several websites that can allow you to earn Bitcoins and Satoshis, your only requirement is to have a Bitcoin address. If you don’t have one, you can open an address in a few steps on Coinbase.

Earn bitcoins without mining

Mining Bitcoins has gradually become less convenient (except if you use a Cloud Mining service, they are still really good). Solving algorithms to add blocks to the chain is a very long and expensive process.

Not only do you need machines with massive computing power, but the electrical consumption costs often far exceed the gains. You should also take into account that the pay-out for mining blockchains follows a progressive decline: given all these facts, it is now the case of having more costs than earnings.

The following sites that we’ll take a look at are not involved in mining. Instead, they deal with disbursements of thousandths of tokens, absolutely for free.

Of course, we are not talking about dizzying figures, but with constancy, it is possible to raise enough money to be able to sell these coins or to start trading.

Earn free Bitcoins with Faucets

Faucets are websites that pay out Satoshi, i.e. fractions of bitcoins whose value in US Dollars is close to 1 cent. The purpose is to allow newbies to enter in the cryptos world without investments.

It is reasonably fair to ask who might be interested in giving money away because this is precisely what is happening here. The answer is simple: those who manage these sites earn through their advertisements. A faucet’s chance to survive increases with the number of users it has because that makes the site more appealing to advertisers.


Freebitcoin’s mechanism is very simple. Every hour it issues from 0.00000020 BTC to 0.02016692 BTC. Your earnings can be bet again on the same site through its lottery or on the BTC multiply, a game that uses a high-low mechanism to multiply the invested Satoshi. Every once a week you can withdraw them and send them to your wallet.


Fautsy has a very similar model, and it distributes from 6 to 100 Satoshi every 5 minutes. If you do the math you can get from 100 to 10,000 Satoshi by entering captcha codes every hour. To start earning free bitcoins on this site you will need to disable AdBlock or other extensions that block advertisements.

Moon Bitcoin

On the other hand, Moon bitcoin issues at the user’s discretion. Satoshi can be claimed every 5 minutes but the more you wait the more the faucet fills up. This faucet rewards patience, and that is a huge advantage because it means you are not checking your watch every hour. In other words, you could claim once a day without losing anything. Payments are made via the CoinPot intermediary.

Earn bitcoins for free with surveys and videos

Another way to earn bitcoins is to participate in surveys and watching advertising videos. Compared to faucets, this method requires a little more time, but the earnings are higher, so as to be able to arrive the minimum transfer and withdrawal threshold token.

Bitcoin Reward

Bitcoin Reward is one of the most advantageous sites to earn a lot and easily. The range of activities is wide: you can watch videos, complete surveys, download apps for iOS and Android, or solve games. Upon registration, 500 Satoshi are credited for entering the Bitcoin address, and another 2,000 are added for confirming your email address. There are offers that pay up to 100,000 Satoshi, plus, by getting other people to subscribe, you will get a 50% commission on their activities.

Free Bitcoins with Telegram

Telegram is the popular instant messaging service used by plenty of people. Nowadays on this IM Platform you can find almost any type of content, including channels that give you free satoshis. They work really easily and smoothly: just subscribe to the channel and perform the daily task (usually it takes few seconds to do) to earn free BTCs. DinoParkBot, BitcoinMines_Bot and SmartCashRobot are just few names you can start to follow today.